How to save on Christmas

Everyone can have a brilliant Christmas on a budget. There’s no need to spend a fortune on the festivities. That’s why we’ve lots of amazing Christmas offers in store and plenty of Christmas hacks to help you make things go a little bit further.

Top tips for staying on budget over Christmas

Looking for more ways to save? We’ve lots of money-saving tips at Aldi. Tips that will help you rock your Christmas budget. Be inspired, share and, most importantly, save. Happy Christmas!

  • Make a list and shop early
    Make a plan and you’ll save on all that last minute buying if you start picking up bargains as soon as you can, especially on stocking fillers, drinks, sweets and snacks.

  • Share the load and the cost
    If family are popping over for a meal get them to bring something with them, like a dessert or starter. This will spread the cost and make catering easier.

  • Cook up a feast
    Brilliant Christmas food is easy when you know how. Which is why our go-to Christmas recipes section is brimming with inspirational ideas for the festive season.

  • Make your own gift tags
    Get crafting and create personalised cards for your family.