Healthier everyday

We’re HEALTHIER everyday by helping our customers achieve their 5-a-day by selling great value fruit and veg. We’re constantly reviewing and improving the nutritional value of our products to help our customers shop and live healthy lifestyles. By 2025, we are committed to having 70% of our food sales coming from healthier products.



We take the health of our customers seriously

  • Supporting Special Diets

    At Aldi, we have a whole range of high quality ingredients that suit a whole range of special diets, so that you never have to compromise on flavour.

  • Healthier Lifestyles

    Under our ‘Healthier’ pillar, Aldi are taking a number of actions to help customers make healthier choices.

  • Food Safety & Quality Standards

    Nothing is more important than ensuring the safety of products that you buy. All Aldi own-label food products and production sites meet national food safety and quality standards.

  • Responsible Drinking

    Aldi is a member of the RRAI (Responsible Retailers of Alcohol in Ireland) and is proud to support Drinkaware Ireland.

Getting Active

Healthy habits start young. That’s why we have helped to inspire thousands of young people through our Aldi Play Rugby and Aldi Community Games partnerships. Why not get involved today!