Equally Minded

We all have mental health, just like we all have physical health.

With one in four people experiencing a mental health problem at some stage during their lives, many of us at #TeamAldi are likely to be impacted at some point.

Our people are central to our ethos at Aldi; that’s why we’re sharing our commitment to continue to invest in improving how we look after colleagues’ mental health.

Our Journey So Far

We’re proud of our wellbeing provision, which supports colleagues across five key areas of ‘MyWellness’ - one of which is mental health.

Our mental health strategy is underpinned by three layers of support for #TeamAldi:


A safe working environment

through our health and safety policy and procedures, Health and Safety Managers, audits, risk assessments, supported return to work procedures, and the Aldi management system which fosters a cooperative and positive working environment


Guidance to help us care for ourselves and others

by providing tools and platforms such as MyWellness, Vhi LiveWell portal and access to wellbeing benefits


Support for colleagues facing difficult times

by providing free services such as the Vhi EAP helpline and ensuring we have well trained Leaders.

We’re dedicated to building on this by doing even more to bring additional guidance and support to all colleagues.


Our Priority Focus Areas

• Making mental wellbeing part of our everyday at Aldi

• Fostering our trusting workplace culture to ensure it’s always okay to talk about your mental wellbeing

• Ensuring everyone at Aldi enjoys a positive working environment where they’re supported and able to thrive


How we’ll get there

We are delighted to partner with experts in the field to further enhance our MyWellness programme.


We will invest in our colleagues to:

• Teach and promote an understanding that we all have mental health, through a range of practical tools, guides, articles and videos to help our teams look after their mental health, covering topics such as stress, anxiety and sleep.

• Develop the confidence of our leaders to support colleagues with their mental wellbeing through an updated training course.

• Help our colleagues better understand and manage mental health through an eLearning module for all of #TeamAldi.

We all have mental health, and we each have a role to play in pledging to create the time and space to talk, challenge attitudes and drive this change.

Our ambition is for Aldi to be known as a team which understands and promotes good mental wellbeing, whilst supporting anyone who is experiencing a mental health problem.

It starts with investing in #TeamAldi.