Product Reformulation

At Aldi, we are dedicated to supporting our customers to live healthier lifestyles and improving the nutritional value of our products is integral to our strategy. We have product reformulation programmes focused on encouraging our customers to eat the foods they love while consuming less sugar and salt. All of our product reformulation policies are embedded within the buying process to ensure we deliver against our health strategy.

Too much salt in the diet has links to some scary things, like heart disease and high blood pressure. For this reason we have been gradually reducing the level of salt in our products for a number of years, to benefit the health of our customers, whilst ensuring our products are of the highest quality and still taste great.


It’s a problem we’re passionate about tackling and that’s why we’ve made lowering sugar consumption a key focus for Aldi. To play our part in tackling the childhood obesity crisis, Aldi are committed to reducing sugar in key areas that lead to children’s sugar intake.


In January 2021 we introduced our new calorie policy. It is our mission to improve the nutritional value of our products.