Climate Protection

We are committed to the continuous reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions. Our international climate strategy focuses on the systematic reduction of our energy consumption, employing more environmentally friendly refrigerants, the use of renewable energy and modern logistics concepts.

The Aldi South Group aim to reduce our overall operational GHG emissions by 26% by the end of 2025 (against baseline year 2016).

The Aldi South Group are committed to encouraging our strategic suppliers, which are responsible for 75% of product related emissions, to work towards setting science-based emissions targets by the end of 2024.

Solar panels

We will have solar panels on all new stores in Ireland from 2023 onwards, 400 of our UK stores and all 11 UK Regional Distribution Centres. We use the renewable energy they create to power our stores and Regional Distribution Centres. On average, our solar panels power around 10% of a store’s electricity consumption each year.

Now that’s #EverydayAmazing.

  • Green Electricity
  • 100% of the electricity we have purchased since 2015 has been generated by green, renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power.


Since the beginning of 2018, all of our new stores have environmentally friendly refrigeration to significantly reduce our carbon emissions from refrigerant gases. In addition to this, we’re rolling out these refrigeration systems to some of our older stores as we replace end-of-life equipment.

In our newer stores, we utilise the waste heat from the chillers to heat the store. This means we don’t need to use gas!


We are actively managing our water consumption across our estate to ensure that we are operating as sustainably as we can! Over the course of 2019, we switched to a national water retailer, which has given us a comprehensive oversight of our water consumption across our estate.

With the help of our specialist water consultants, we undertake site audits, benchmarking exercises, leak detections, repair inspections and take on-board efficiency recommendations to continuously improve our environmental impact with regards to water.