Baby’s first holiday

You’ve survived the first few months and braved exploding nappies, crying fits and sleep deprivation and now it’s time for a break. While it will be a bit different from your usual holiday, we’ve got some tips to make travelling with baby a little easier.

Consider a holiday at home

Travelling abroad with baby can be a bit challenging, as you’ll have to pack less than you’d like. A holiday in Ireland or taking the ferry can be a good option as you can still fill up the boot with everything you need.

Ask family and friends to join you

Going on holidays with family or friends can be a nice idea, as you can take turns babysitting and this way everyone gets a break. Just make sure you’re all comfortable enough in each other’s company.

Make sure you organise passports early

Getting acceptable passport photos for babies can be tricky. Go to a chemist as opposed to a booth to make sure you have plenty of chances to get the photo right. There can be long delays (especially for first passport applications) so make sure you start the process early to allow for additional requests for documentation.

Choose family-friendly accommodation

Kids clubs, crèches, mini discos, playgrounds and kids pools can make a big difference to your holiday so choose somewhere that caters for kids.

If you’re travelling abroad, make sure to travel light

Only pack what you absolutely need. Remember, there will be shops where you’re going. Do get a lightweight buggy for the trip and a baby carrier might also be a good idea.

Check out what your accommodation has in advance

Many family-friendly resorts are geared up for kids so they may supply baby equipment like cots, feeding, chairs, buggies and baby monitors. They may also offer towels and bed linen. Make sure to check out what they have in advance to save yourself doubling up and having to pay excess baggage fees.

Bring a blackout blind

There’s nothing worse than glaring sunshine for waking a baby at 5am so make sure to check that the curtains are dark enough. Alternatively, bring a blackout blind with you – you’ll be glad you did.

Make sure your room has air conditioning

This is a must for kids, as they’ll have a hard time adjusting to the heat.

Avoid popping ears on the plane

Breastfeed or bottle-feed baby at takeoff and landing to prevent popping ears. Offer older children sweets to suck.

Pack toys and snacks to amuse them on the plane

Make sure you’ve got plenty of toys to occupy your baby on the plane journey. Activity books are great for older kids. Portable DVD players are also great for keeping them entertained on long journeys.

Bring a good supply of formula or food

Breastfeeding makes holidays easy, as you’ll always have food when they need it. Otherwise, make sure you’ve got enough of their usual formula with you or that you can buy it where you’re going. Holidays are not a good time to find out they won’t take any other kind.

Protect them from the sun

Bikinis and swimsuits look very cute but a full body UV swimsuit is a much better option as it offers better protection from the sun and saves you having to apply too much sunscreen. Pack sun hats and sunglasses for everyone and keep them out of the sun at the hottest times of the day (11-4).

Bring a First Aid Kit

Make sure to pack a First Aid Kit with bandages, antiseptic cream and Calpol.

Make lists…lots of lists!

Write down everything you need in advance and check it all off as you get it.