What to pack in your hospital bag

Normally when you’re packing a bag it means you’re jetting off somewhere warm and sunny for an exciting adventure. This will certainly be an exciting adventure but minus the cocktails and nightclubs (unless epidurals and 3am feeds count).

Pack it early and keep it handy

Although you have a due date, babies tend to work to their own schedules so make sure to pack well ahead of time so it’s ready when you need it. Aim to have it ready by 32 weeks. Trust us, you don’t want your partner packing it for you in a panic!

Pack as light as you can

Make sure to stick to the essentials, as hospitals can be short on space. Use travel sized toiletries and only pack what you’re sure you’ll need.

Pack four bags (yes 4!)

It’s a good idea to pack a bag for the labour ward, a bag for your birth partner, and a bag each for you and your baby for the maternity ward. You can leave the maternity ward bags in the car until you need them.


Hospital bag checklist

Download our handy checklist below and tick each item off as you pack it.

You don’t need to bring everything in with you

If you think you’ve packed too much, you can always leave any extras in the boot and get them as you need them. Going home outfits for you and baby can be packed separately.