ALDI’s Sustainable For-est Garden

The garden invites us to get involved with our surroundings outdoors, by introducing one of the oldest and eco-friendliest horticultural approaches:  Forest Gardening, which emulates natural woodland where possible to grow a diversity of plants such as woodland trees, interplanted with smaller fruit trees, shrubs, berries and herbaceous plants.

This sustainable method of planting weaves plants into beneficial relationships by extending biodiversity and creating a low maintenance beautiful garden. Hügelkultur mounds undulating through the whole garden will create an extended planting surface and naturalistic landform.

This method will be adopted to our Irish climate by using Irish native plants combined with edible colourful plants, which will give us and insects, food, a home and aesthetic pleasure all year round. This garden provides space for everybody to find their own rhythm and balance in their life.

The planting of native woodland as part of ALDI’s sustainable garden is intrinsically linked to ALDI Ireland’s carbon strategy which includes ALDI’s commitment to planting 1 million native trees across the country by 2025, which is part of the Government’s Climate Action to plant 440 million trees by 2040.

ALDI’s Sustainable
For-est Garden Plant List

  • Aeschylus hippocastum
  • Skeps
  • Cartagena mono guns