Things to do before baby arrives

Pack your hospital bag

You never know for sure when the baby will make an appearance so make sure you pack your hospital bag early.

Wash all the baby clothes

It’s a good idea to wash your baby’s clothes before they wear them for the first time in case there is anything on them that might irritate their delicate skin. Non-bio detergent is best to use for this. Seeing all those little socks and mitts hanging out to dry makes the whole thing seem very real.

Get familiar with the baby equipment

Some baby equipment can take a college degree to figure out how to use. Work out how to fold and unfold the buggy, practice getting the car seat in and out of the car and taking your baby sling on and off. Trust us – it’s so much easier to get the hang of these things without a baby screaming at you.

Get a cleaner in to deep clean your house

You’ll want the house to be nice and clean for baby but you might not feel up to too much housework in the later stages of pregnancy. Why not get a professional cleaner in to give it a deep clean. Get your carpets cleaned too while you’re at it – it won’t be long until your little one is crawling around on them.

Make lots of nice meals and freeze them

You’ll have enough to do in the first few weeks with a baby, without having to cook too but you will really appreciate having some nice meals in the evenings. Make sure you have a well-stocked freezer and you’ll be so glad you did.

Go on dates with your partner

You’ll have very little time to yourselves once the baby arrives so make the most of the lead up. Go out for dinner, go to the cinema or catch up with friends. Have lots of fun.