The freshest show in town

What’s in season this spring!

It’s bright, it’s fresh, it’s full of amazing flavours! Spring is a favourite season for all these reasons and so much more. We’re bringing the best of it all to you and your family with fresh produce, fun recipes and delicious inspiration for every day of the week.


Have fun with fresh

The beauty of spring is the variety it brings. From fruity smoothies and baked vegetables to roast lamb and fish kebabs, there are so many flavours to explore and enjoy in so many ways. Start here and see where your taste buds take you.


Stick or twist?

Whether you want traditional spring dishes or new meals with exciting twists, our spring cookbook is bursting with tasty ideas you can try at home.

  • Let’s eat outside!
  • Finally! Now we can take the family into the back garden and enjoy some food in the sun. For the full spring experience, try your hand at these fresh dishes from our recipes page.

  • Spring clean
  • There’s nothing like a good spring clean to start the season. Get your home ready for spring with these amazing Aldi cleaning products.

  • The winning wine collection
  • With sunny weather comes spirits, wines and beers. Pop into your local Aldi and find a brilliant bottle for every budget in our award-winning collection.