A lovely crisp golden brown Swiss potato pancake

  • Serves: 4 people
  • Prep time: 15 minutes
  • Cooking time: 10 minutes
    • Irish
    • Dairy Free
    • Gluten Free
    • Vegetarian

    Rosti Potatoes

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    600g Maris Piper Potatoes

    Sea Salt and Black Pepper

    1 tsp Paprika

    50ml Olive Oil


    Peel and grate the potatoes, then rinse in some cold water to remove the starch.

    Drain well, then place in a clean tea towel and squeeze out all the moisture.

    Put into a bowl, season with salt, black pepper and paprika.

    Divide the mixture into 4 and shape into 10cm circles.

    Fry for 3-4 minutes, each side, in the oil until golden and crisp.