Gender Pay Gap

We are pleased to publish our 2022 Gender Pay Gap report. In this report we'll talk to you about our approach to diversity and inclusion, what gender pay means and why it matters, and we'll share with you our first set of gender pay gap results and actions.

At ALDI, we are a company built on merit and opportunity. Our growth means that we can provide career opportunities for everyone, whatever their experience and wherever they work in our business.

 We truly value our people. Without them we wouldn't be who we are today. We know that in an inclusive environment, there's space for our great people to do great things. We have and will continue to build a diverse, inclusive and supportive workplace for everyone, and we are making positive changes to the way we attract, recruit and support our people.

A core element of diversity and inclusion, and something we are committed to addressing through our diversity and inclusion Embrace Strategy, is looking at the progression of women into senior roles and understanding what we need to do better. This aligns with the recent Gender Pay Gap legislation introduced by the Irish government this year, that highlights the progression of women in the workforce and requires us to report on our gender pay gap every year starting from 2022.

We are fully committed to supporting the progression of women in ALDI as part of our ongoing work to ensure our culture and workplace is inclusive, respectful and equal for all.