Gender Pay Gap

 We are pleased to publish our 2023 Gender Pay Gap figures. The report provides a reminder of the Gender Pay Gap legislation introduced by the Irish government last year, a summary of what the term Gender Pay means, and why it matters to ALDI alongside our commitment to equal pay. It also contains our 2023 results, and an update on our ongoing initiatives and continued long-term efforts to reduce ALDI’s Gender Pay Gap over the coming years. 

Diversity and Inclusion continues to be at the forefront of the way we work at ALDI. We know that in a diverse and inclusive environment, there’s space for great people to do great things. Building an equitable process helps us attract those people wherever they are.

The introduction of the Gender Pay Gap legislation last year ensures that we continue to look at the progression of women into senior roles, review succession planning, recruitment and talent development processes and understand what we need to do better. We know that meaningful change will take time, and there are no quick fixes. We remain fully committed to supporting the progression of women in ALDI.

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