At Aldi we are committed to sourcing our forest derived products from producers in developing countries so that they receive a fair price, gain expert advice on better farming methods, workers have better working conditions as well as saving threatened wildlife and fighting deforestation.

Choosing Fairtrade is one way of ensuring that producers in developing countries receive a fair price for their products. As well as a stable price for their products, farmers and workers get a Fairtrade premium that they can use to invest in their businesses and communities. This can give them access to education, medicine and much more.

Fairtrade is important to Aldi Ireland as it enables us to deliver great value in a sustainable way. Aldi has been sourcing Fairtrade for over 5 years and as part of our core grocery range, we offer our customers Fairtrade organic bananas, chocolate, coffee, tea and roses at the very best prices possible.

The Fairtrade banana is a key growth fruit within our fresh produce category and was responsible for approximately 14% of all bananas sold within our stores last year.

We are extremely proud that we are Ireland’s largest retailer of Fairtrade roses, having sold 1.8 million roses last year. 100% of our high quality Fairtrade roses come from Herburg Farm, a dedicated Aldi farm in Ethiopia.

We also actively promote products that are certified to Rainforest Alliance / UTZ standards to create better social and environmental conditions for growers in our supply chain.


For more information on what we are doing, how we are achieving the goal and for information on the third party/certification bodies that we work with, please click below to see our Fairly Traded Policy.