Our top tips for a brilliant BBQ

From brightening your garden with fairy lights and plants to planning ahead to ensure your freezer is packed with ice to keep drinks cool throughout the afternoon, we have all you need in store to make your Summer BBQ one to remember. Take inspiration from Aldi to prepare your food, toppings and drinks in advance so you have more time on the day to put the finishing touches to your garden, and don’t forget to light the BBQ before your guests arrive!

  • Smarten your space.
  • Your garden should be a welcoming space for your guests, so be sure your patio is clean, and mow the lawn. Brighten up the area with plants and fairy lights, and make sure you have seating space and some shelter.

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  • Have a toppings table.

    The more sauces you have the better, so think beyond ketchup and mustard and serve a choice of toppings like cheeses, sour cream, salsas, gherkins and relishes, served in bowls with spoons.
  • Light the BBQ early

    No one wants to sit around waiting for food to cook, plus it lessens the risk of serving undercooked food. The BBQ is ready to use when the coals are glowing red and have a powdery grey surface.

Summer BBQ recipes

Explore our menu of BBQ recipes and serving suggestions, including mains, sides and salads.