Occasionally some of our products may not be available on their advertised dates.

We're doing all we can to provide clarity on expected availability dates, but these are subject to change. Dates will vary by store and by region.

Please see below for affected products.  


Advertised In Store Date Product Name
Expected Availability Date

02/06/2024 Beer Dispenser TBC
30/05/2024 Air Wick Active Sicilian Orchard Blossom Fresh Kit TBC
30/05/2024 Air Wick Active Fresh Refill TBC
30/05/2024 Harpic Active Fresh Rimblock Sicilian Lemon CANCELLED
30/05/2024 Harpic Active Fresh Sicilian Lemon CANCELLED
30/05/2024 Cilit Bang Limescale Sicilian Lemon CANCELLED
30/05/2024 Finish Dishwasher Cleaner Sicilian Edition CANCELLED
26/05/2024 LED Portable Air Cooler TBC
02/05/2024 Pop-Up Gazebo 27/06/2024