Encouraging healthier food choices for customers

We want our customers to live healthy lives and enjoy better quality foods as part of a balanced diet. Last minute purchases are frequent at the tills, so it is important for us to offer healthier products, such as dried fruits, nuts or nutritious snacks.

  • Understanding food labels.
  • Let’s be clear. It’s not easy to work out exactly what’s in the food you buy. But good nutritional labelling is key to helping you understand how to eat more healthily. So, we’ve put a handy guide together to help. We hope you find it useful.
  • Know your calories.
  • The average woman needs 2,000 calories per day, the average man 2,500 and for children, it depends on their age and lifestyle.
  • Know your portions.
  • Make sure you’re eating the right portion size by paying attention to the recommended portion sizes on pack.
  • Know your colours.
  • The traffic light colouring help identify if a product is high, moderate or low in saturates sugar or salt. It’s easy to use the colours in everyday life too. Just compare two items with similar serving size - if one features more green, it’s healthier!