Hand-made gourmet profiteroles filled with cream and dipped in rainbow coloured icing.

  • Serves: 40 people
  • Prep time: 25 minutes
  • Cooking time: 30 minutes
    • French
    • Vegetarian

    Colourful Profiteroles

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    Choux Pastry

    260ml Cold Water

    40g Caster Sugar

    120g Unsalted Butter 

    150g Plain Flour

    Pinch of Salt

    4 x Medium Eggs, beaten


    Fruit Cream Fillings

    400ml Double Cream

    50g Blueberries

    50g Raspberries

    30g Pistachio Nuts, shelled

    Zest of ½ Lemon

    4 tsp Caster Sugar



    400g Icing Sugar

    3 tbsp Cold Water

    1 tbsp Lemon Juice

    Purple, Pink, Yellow and Green Food Colouring



    Zest of ½ Lemon

    Pistachio Nuts, chopped

    Hazelnuts, chopped

    Fresh Mint, chopped


    Bring the water to the boil and then add the butter.

    When the butter has melted and the water is boiling, remove from the heat and quickly add the flour, sugar and salt.

    Beat vigorously until a smooth dough forms which comes away from the side of the pan.

    Leave the dough to cool for 10 minutes.

    Pre-heat the oven to 200°C/Fan 180°C/Gas Mark 6.

    Gradually add the eggs to the dough, a bit at a time, then beat to form the choux pastry.

    The mixture should be a dropping consistency but not runny.

    Using a piping bag, pipe 40 balls of the choux pastry onto lined baking sheets.

    Bake for 15-20 minutes until puffed and golden.

    In the meantime, push the raspberries through a sieve into a bowl and add 1 teaspoon of caster sugar.

    Heat the blueberries in a pan with 1 teaspoon of caster sugar and 1 tablespoon of water and cook until they have reduced down to a thick sauce.

    Finely chop the pistachios.

    When the profiteroles are cooked, pierce a hole in each one and leave to cool.

    Whip the cream and divide between 4 bowls.

    Add the raspberry mix to one bowl, the blueberry to the second, the lemon zest and 1 teaspoon of caster sugar to the third and the chopped pistachios, along with 1 teaspoon of caster sugar to the fourth.

    Then place the creams into 4 piping bags.

    Pipe the different creams into the profiteroles to make 10 of each flavour.

    Place 100g of icing sugar into 4 small bowls, add 1 tablespoon of water to 3 of them, lemon juice to the fourth and mix well to produce icing.

    Add a drop of pink, purple and green to plain icing and a drop of yellow to the lemon icing and mix well again to make 4 different coloured icings.

    Dip the raspberry profiteroles into the pink icing, blueberry into the purple, pistachio into the green and lemon into the yellow.

    Sprinkle some chopped pistachios on the green ones, chopped hazelnuts onto the raspberry, mint onto the blueberry and lemon zest onto the lemon.

    Keep chilled until ready to serve.