How to wrap the perfect present?

Wrap your Christmas presents in style with our quality bags, bows, tags and paper. Here's a few gift wrapping tips to help you get it just right.

Practice makes perfect

Use old newspaper or wrapping paper to improve your wrapping skills before attempting those really special gifts.

Hide the price

Don't give the game away and forget to remove any tags or prices from your gift. If you think they may want to exchange it, simply black out the price.

Box it up

Make unusually shaped gifts easier to wrap by popping them in a box.


Pick the right Paper Size

Make sure each sheet wraps all the way around with a few centimetres' overlap.

Mark out your lines

Guess work won't deliver perfect results. Use a ruler to get straight edges and lines for a neater finish.

Sharpen your scissors

It's super easy to get a clean cut if your scissors are sharp enough. Just run them quickly across the paper. If your edges are a little uneven, fold them over slightly.


Position it right

Make sure your seam is at the bottom of the gift by placing it upside down on the paper. Centre it and secure with sticky tape.

Love your sticky tape

Transparent or double sided sticky tape gives the best finish. Longer pieces make it easier to wrap neatly.

Keep your eyes on the edge

Run your fingers along each edge to get nice sharp corners, and try to match the seams of the paper with the edges of the gift.


Aim for fantastic folds

Create creases at the corner seams to make folding them down easier. If your flap on the side is too long, mark where the corners of the paper meet so you know how far to fold the excess paper under.

Finish with matching ribbon and bow

Cut a long piece and wrap around the centre of your gift. Cross underneath and twist 90 degrees then bring up and over back to the top of the gift. Tie a bow. Use your scissors to curl the remaining ends.

Don't forget the card.

Happy wrapping!