• Meet the Byrnes
  • Family of 9, the Byrnes all live together with their two dogs. Each and every one of the family members have a variety of interests, from sports to Rambling.

Our Story.

Feeding a family of 9 every night can be a challenging job for anyone, but the Byrnes were so impressed with the choice and quality at Aldi that they managed to find something that everyone loved. Here’s a few of their highlights…

Shopping before switching to Aldi took place between 06/01/20 to 02/02/20 and in Aldi took place between 03/02/20 to 01/03/20. Participants received a gratuity.

Meet the other families...

Let us introduce you to our families. Read their stories and hear about all their favourite products, recipes and tasty surprises.

Participants received a gratuity. For shopping dates please click here.