• Meet Ciara and Marc
  • Engaged young couple Ciara & Marc are really into their fitness and exercise. Marc is a professional footballer and they both spend a lot of time at the gym. They also enjoy travelling and the cinema. They are putting money away towards a big wedding day.

Our Swap and Save Story

Ciara and Mark were impressed by the range and quality of food at Aldi and loved all of the healthy options. Here’s a few of their highlights.

Our Favourites

Ciara & Marc loved the value & quality of the healthy food options in Aldi. They were impressed by the range of nuts and seeds. They also enjoyed the fruit & veg and fresh meat options.

Healthy options

As a health-conscious couple who enjoy their fitness, Ciara and Marc thought that shopping at Aldi made it simple to be healthy.

Shopping before switching to Aldi took place between 16/09/2018 and 13/10/2018 and in Aldi took place between 14/10/2018 to 3/11/2018 and 18/11/18 to 24/11/18. Participants received a gratuity.


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Participants received a gratuity. See here for shopping dates.