Back to School - 150 Day Satisfaction Guarantee - Terms & Conditions

1. If you are not satisfied with your Back to School clothing, you can return it to any store/ online within 150 days for a full refund (no exchange available).

 2. Proof of purchase required.

 3. 150 day refund limit applies whether the goods are faulty or non-faulty.

 4. Back to School Guarantee applies to the following products only:

4.1 Girl’s Shirt 3 pack / Boys Shirt 3 pack

4.2 Girl’s Polo Shirt 2 pack

4.3 Boy’s Polo Shirt 2 pack

4.4 Boy’s Trousers

4.5 Girl’s Trousers

4.6 Girl’s Classic Pinafore 2 pack

4.7 Girl’s Pleated Skirt

4.8 White T-Shirt 2 pack

4.9 Girl’s Jersey Skirt

4.10 Girl’s Jersey Pinafore

4.11 Children’s Sweatshirt

4.12 Girls Socks

4.13 Boys Socks

4.14 Boys Shoes

4.15 Girls Shoes

4.16 Children’s Trainers

4.17 Children's Frozen and Spiderman Shoes

 5. Please note the guarantee only covers the clothing and footwear items listed above. Other back to school items including but not limited to stationery, back packs and lunchboxes do not benefit from the 150 days guarantee.