• Serves: 1 person
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    Santa and Spice

    Recipe Information

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    50ml Vodka

    100ml tomato juice

    100ml fresh lemon juice

    Pinch of cracked black pepper

    Pinch of chilli powder

    Squeeze fresh lime juice

    1 dash horseradish sauce

    Decoration / to serve

    Add cracked black pepper to the rim of the glass and garnish with a stuffed bell pepper, pickled gherkin, and fresh basil.


    Add all ingredients to a mixing jug and stir over ice until cold

    Take a tall Collins glass filled with cubed ice and add cracked black pepper to the rim

    Pour in the mixed Bloody Mary and garnish

    Tasting notes

    Bringing together a delicious mixture of savoury ingredients, Bloody Mary is the ideal drink to serve with a Boxing Day brunch. The cocktail works well with a range of garnishes from ‘Pigs in Blankets’ to mozzarella and Parma ham or mini turkey sliders.

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