Product Code

Product Name

Batches Affected


Triple Wraps: Chicken & Bacon Caesar, Chicken Fajita, Sweet Chili Chicken

All Use By Dates up to and including 15th May


Wraps Mixed: Chicken & Bacon Caesar


Triple Sandwiches: Classic Selection, Chicken & Bacon


S/S Sandwiches: Chicken Beechwood Smoked Bacon & Stuffing


Deep Filled Sandwiches: Chicken & Bacon


Deeper Fill Sandwiches: Roast Chicken Salad, Chicken & Stuffing


Classic Sandwiches: Chicken & Sweetcorn


Flavoured Mini Chicken Fillets: Mango Curry, Shwarma

All Use By Dates from 11th May up to and including 19th May


The products listed above are being recalled due to the possible presence of Salmonella. Customers are asked to return this product to their nearest store, where a full refund will be given.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your co-operation.

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Brand: Kinder Surprise

Product Name: Kinder Surprise 20g and Kinder Surprise 20g x 3

Product code: 711012, 712798, 714283, 716216 & 720838 (20g) and 74063 & 85905 (20g x 3)

Batch affected: All Best Before End Dates


Product Name: Kinder Surprise Medium Egg 100g

Product code: 710406

Batch affected: All Best Before End Dates

Ferrero is taking the precautionary action of recalling selected batches of Kinder Surprise as they have become aware of a possible link to a number of reported cases of salmonella. Customers are advised not to eat these products.

Customers are asked to contact Ferrero consumer careline on or 0330 053 8943 UK or +44(0)330 053 8943 Ireland to obtain a full refund.

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