Product Details: Lightway USB Rechargeable Torch

Aldi code: 801912

Barcode: 4088500445190

Regions Affected: All UK and Irish regions

We are recalling this product as a precaution because a small number of units have overheated during charging.

All customers are entitled to a full refund if they return the product back to their nearest store.

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Product Name & Code:

43626 - Low Fat Milk 2 Litres

43628 - Fresh Milk 2 Litres

51413 - Low Fat Milk 3 Litres

48641 - Fresh Milk 3 Litres

43361 - 1 Litre Irish Low Fat Milk


Arrabawn Dairies

Reason for Withdrawal: Withdrawn as a precaution due to presence of Enterobacteriaceae

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