Product Name & Code: Houmous 200g (4956) & Flavoured Houmous (20533)

Brand: The Deli

Batches affected: ALL

Reason for Withdrawl: Our supplier, ZORBA DELICACIES LTD, is recalling these products as a precaution as they may contain Salmonella.

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Product Name: Basil Houmous Topped with Pesto and Parmesan 170g

Brand: The Deli

Barcode: 4088600012049

Batch affected: Use By Date 04/11/2019

Reason for Withdrawl: Does not meet our high quality standards.

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Product Name & Code: BR: FRUIT FLY TRAP, 84615

On Sale Date: 02/06/2019

Reason for Withdrawal: The supplier has not registered the product as a biocidal product with the Irish authorities.


Product Name & Code: BR: PESTO / TAPENADE 20247.

This Emergency Withdrawal relates to the two Pesto variants of this products only. The olive tapenade is not affected.

Reason for Withdrawal: The product does not meet the agreed quality standards.


Product Names:

Irish Still Water Sport 750ml

Irish Still Water Sport 6 x 750ml 

Kids Still Irish Water 10 x 250ml

Irish Sparkling Water 12 x 500ml

Irish Sparkling Water 6 x 1.5L 

Irish Still Water 5L

Irish Still Water 500ml 

Irish Still Water 2L 

Irish Still Water 6 x 2L 

Irish Sparkling Water 6 x 500ml 

Brand: Comeragh

Batches affected:

 Irish Still Water Sport 750ml 408800010496 BN 177 BB 26/12/2020

Irish Still Water Sport 6 x 750ml 4088600010571 BN 171 & 172 BB 20/12/2020 & 21/12/2020

Kids Still Irish Water 10 x 250ml 4088600010588 BN 168 BB 17/12/2020

Irish Sparkling Water 12 x 500ml 25393811 4088600188393 BN 169, 170 & 211 BB 18/12/2020, 19/12/2020 & 30/01/2021

Irish Sparkling Water 6 x 1.5L 25335347 4088600188355 BN 199

Irish Still Water 5L 25314960 4088600188539 BN 192 BB Tank 3 / 4

Irish Still Water 500ml 4088600010731 BN 178, 203, 204 & 211 BB 21/12/2020, 22/01/2021, 23/01/2021 & 30/01/2021

Irish Still Water 2L 25482492 BN 191

Irish Still Water 6 x 2L 25448221 4088600188553 ALL BATCHES

Irish Sparkling Water 6 x 500ml 4088600010717 ALL BATCHES

Our supplier has recalled this product due to the presence of a heavy metal above normal levels.

Customers are advised not to consume the product. Customers are asked to return this product to the nearest store, where a full refund will be given.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

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