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Polycarbonate Frame Sunglasses

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Make a big bold statement this year with summer accessories to make your outfits pop.
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Summertime is right around the corner, meaning it's time to get yourself wardrobe ready. Make sure you have all the right accessories to match your outfits, with amazing touches like these Polycarbonate Square Sunglasses. Adding a simple finishing touch to any outfit, these also work to keep extra glare away due to the polarisation filter.

  • Sunglasses with polarisation filter reduce glare reflected from surface like water, snow and glass for a clearer view
  • Standard EN ISO 12312-1:2013. 100 % UV protection
  • The glasses are not suitable for protection against artificial light sources (e. g. solariums) and not to be used to look directly at the sun
  • Not for use as eye protection against dangers from mechanical influences, such as impacts
  • Category 1, 2 and 3 lenses: Not suitable for driving at dawn or at night
  • Category 4 lenses: Not suitable for driving or road use
    • Product Type: Sunglasses