Two primary schools are in with a chance of winning prize money of €50,000 each to be used for sports facilities for the school, ten primary schools are in with a chance of winning prize money of €10,000 each to be used for sports facilities for the school and one primary school is in with a chance of winning a training session and/or meet and greet session with Paul O’Connell (Covid-19 depending).

The Aldi Play Rugby Sticker competition (Aldi Play Rugby) commenced on the 31st January 2020 and will finish on the 09th October 2020. The last date that primary schools in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland could request an Aldi Play Rugby poster was the18th March 2020. The last date that Aldi Play Rugby stickers were available in store or from Aldi Stores (Northern Ireland) was the18th March 2020.



For every 300 stickers collected, fill out the entry form and test of knowledge form which have been issued by email. Return both forms by email to aldiplayrugby@spectrum.ie by 9th October 2020, in lieu of returning a completed poster.

Aldi will also accept one partially completed (not all 300 stickers collected and poster completed) entry per school. This means every school who signed up for the promotion will be entered into the prize draw once they return the entry form and correctly answer the test of knowledge. Any entry without all of the required information will be deemed invalid and will not progress in the competition.

There will be no requirement to return the stickers/posters or request new ones. However, all schools must retain the bundles of stickers/posters until the competition winners are announced and the promotion has ended, as these will be audited should the school be a successful winner.

When the primary school is submitting their entry, the school will nominate one pupil from either 5th or 6th Class to complete a test of knowledge. The test of knowledge can be found in the entry form which the school will receive by email. The Board of Management of the primary school undertakes to ensure that it is a pupil from either 5th or 6th Class who takes the test and that no assistance is provided to the student during the test. Should there be no 5th or 6th class pupil in the school, a pupil from another class may complete the test of knowledge. The test must be completed within the allotted 5 minutes and will comprise of 1 question which will test the pupil’s knowledge. Only entries with a fully correct test result (question answered correctly), and the schools full details including school roll number will be eligible for the draw. The decision of Aldi will be final in this regard. The draws will be held in November 2020.

Each school that returns an entry form will automatically receive one Aldi Play Rugby kit per school. Eligible entrants cannot win more than one prize within the competition. Late or incomplete entries will be disqualified. Aldi will not take any responsibility for any technical failure or malfunction which may result in an entry being delayed, lost or not properly registered or recorded.