Playing with your food can be fun.

With the Ireland rugby team taking centre stage, we’ve a fun way to get your kids eating more fruit and veg. Make some fruit and veg mini masterpieces with your little ones for the chance to be Ireland’s mascot for the game against Scotland on 19 March.


We’ve teamed up with Irish Rugby to help kids eat more fruit and veg through food art.

We all know how hard it can be to get kids to eat fruit and veg.
So here’s a great idea. We have created rugby-themed food pictures inspired by each of Ireland’s upcoming matches, which can then be turned into a delicious meal with no food waste. That way, we can help kids to eat more fruit and veg and have fun being creative too.

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Help with Picky Eaters

  • There are lots of ways to sneak vegetables into meals your kids already like. They don’t even have to know it’s helping them get their daily veg! Try blending veg into your tomato sauce and pour over pasta, or mix finely chopped veg into cottage pie.
  • Kids will be more likely to eat something that they helped make! Use simple ingredients and even give their creations a name. And don’t forget: be a good example! If kids see you enjoying lots of different foods, they’ll be more likely to try themselves.
  • Kids will love the bright colours and fresh flavours of a packed vegetable wrap. Start with a humus or mayonnaise base, then layer up with a rainbow selection of red cabbage, cucumber, spinach, carrot and red or yellow peppers.


Can you match these twelve fruits and vegetables to their best harvesting month?

Test your knowledge of seasonal foods by matching the best month to harvest (and eat) each of the fruits and vegetables listed below. Do you know what’s fresh?

Answers: January-Carrots. February-Leeks. March-Spring greens. April-Cauliflower. May-Asparagus. June-Strawberries. July-Cucumber. August-Raspberries. September-Runner beans. October-Sweetcorn. November-Potatoes. December-Brussel sprouts.