Impromptu Picnics

Looking for fun things to do this summer with the kids? well it just so happens that Ireland is one big picnic spot. So find some inspiration here, pack a picnic basket, and hit the road to make the most of the Irish Summer.

We're lucky enough to have some of the most spectacular stretches of coastline in the world. With sandy beaches, sheltered coves, pebbly shores and cliff sides; blue flags abound at the very edges of the country. So, wherever you are you can find an ideal beach close by.

Whether it's a picturesque meadow, verdant parkland, or the manicured lawns of a grand country manor; there's no place like Ireland for an impromptu picnic. Just spread a blanket on the ground and you're good to go.

From boutique music festivals and a week long scarecrow festival, to a whole festival dedicated to a goat; we'll use just about any excuse for a party. Remember to bring sustenance though - no reason why every festival shouldn't be a celebration of food too.

Even with an abundance of parks and patches of grass, sometimes there's no place quite like your own back garden. Surrounded by family, maybe invite the neighbours over, fire up the barbecue, crack open a cold beer or pour yourself a nice glass of vino straight from your own fridge. And, if it gets cold out, you can always nip in and watch the telly instead.