A delicious alternative to mulled wine.

  • Serves: 2 people
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    Hot and Spicy

    Recipe Information

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    400ml apple juice

    30ml Whisky

    8 teaspoons clear set honey

    4-8 teaspoons fresh lemon and lime juice

    3 cloves

    1 inch fresh ginger

    2 pinches Ground Cinnamon

    Decoration / to serve

    Serve in a heat proof mug with a slice of green apple and a sprinkle of Stonemill Ground Cinnamon.


    Heat all the ingredients except the whisky over a low heat until all the flavours have infused

    Add in the whisky

    Tasting notes

    This warming mix of apple, honey and cinnamon has the added advantage of being a delicious mocktail by simply omitting the whisky. Great to make in batches ahead of time and heat when needed.

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