Made from the finest flour

Full of Home-Baked Character

There's nothing like the deliciously warm aroma of fresh-baked cakes. And it's an aroma that permeates every nook and cranny of Seery's Bakery, County Carlow, heightening the senses and tantalising the tastebuds. Run by Oliver Seery and wife Philo, originally from modest beginnings in their garage, the bakery has grown to deliver over 3,000 tons of cake products every year. So you can put an sweet selection of traditional Irish goodness onto the family table, straight from the oven, day after day.

''Over the years, our business has naturally expanded and we now rely upon a degree of automation to keep up with demand. But we still like to think that our cakes have not lost that distinctive 'home-baked' character, freshness and quality that's usually associated with smaller, cottage businesses.''

Oliver Seery, Managing Director, Seerys Bakery, co. Carlow