Back-to-school shop!

 At ALDI, we’ll help you pack their lunchboxes with a healthy balanced meal, serve up tasty after-school dinners and stock your cupboards with their favourite treats and snacks, all at prices to suit your family budget. Amazing!

How to avoid food wastage when heading back to school.

 The bags are back, the shoes are ready by the door, the uniforms are the neatest they will be for the year and the pencils are as sharp as can be. This means one thing- it is time to go back to school.

 Back to school means so many things but for most parent’s it is time to get the lunch boxes down from the press and start filling them! Preventing food waste in your lunch boxes will save you money and it will also ensure that the children will have loads of nourishing food to get the maximum energy for play time!

 Here is a list of tips and tricks that will help you reduce your food wastage and make sure the lunch boxes come home empty!