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Barbecue Days Charcoal Starter

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Get your coals hot and the garden party started in no time with this Charcoal Starter.
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Product Ref: 096069206105600

Get that BBQ started in no time with the help of this fabulous Charcoal Starter. One of the most irritating things about having a barbecue is it can take quite some time for the coals to light, which could result in a debate over who gets the first burger! But this will help remove some of that long waiting time, as it'll help you get coals hot in around 10 to 15 minutes to speed up the cooking time.

  • Get red hot coals in minutes
  • Heat resistant max: 400° C
  • Deburred edges
  • Inner grill
  • Heat protector (245 x 140mm approx.)
  • Screwed nylon handle (15 x 2.48cm approx.)
  • Additional non-fixed handle that can be attached to the heat protector (16 x 14cm approx.)
    • Brand: Barbecue Days
    • Dimensions: 190 x 305mm approx.
    • Material: Zinc coated steel, Nylon, Plastic
    • Product Type: Fire Starters