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3 In 1 Swingball

  • 34.99
Get your kids out in the garden this summer with this classic 3 In 1 Swingball set.
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With three games built into the one sturdy and reliable base, this 3 In 1 Swingball set is the perfect way of getting your kids outside and playing together. Even if you're restricted for outdoor space these first soccer, basketball and swingball games can be played on any surface at any time. A great gift for active children and getting children active, it's a set that can be put away neatly and used year after year.

Accessories Included
Base with spiral top, 2 bats, 2 balls and tether, backboard and inflation pump
  • Football, tennis and basketball in 1 toy
  • 1 Or more player game options
  • Easy-shot soft foam ball
  • Easy to transport
  • Play on any surface
  • 100g (approx) Checkerbats
  • Encourages active activity
  • Bats suitable size for little hands
  • Beginner spiral top
  • Beginner base
    • Brand: Swingball
    • Dimensions: 1.36m/53.4" tall (approx)
    • Product Type: Outdoor Toys
    • Suitable Age: 3 + years